Five situations when bosses order teambuilding

Teamwork does not have to be improved only at the workplace. Teambuilding is less formal than a work, as well as more relaxed and sporty. The differences between bosses and the staff are blurred, which makes it an ideal tool for getting to know everyone better. Here are the five situations mentioned:


  1. You have recruited new staff or you are forming a new team. You divide tasks, assign responsibilities or rules… Shortly said, you create the work environment from the beginning. People, who socialize – they know each other better, they talk more together – are more effective at work and deal better with any misunderstandings among themselves.

  2. Your current team is not working efficiently. Perhaps the tasks are not well distributed or employees are poorly motivated. During a teambuilding activity, the leader may note the strengths and weaknesses of individual employees, their interests or habits. It will help with understanding their characters and plan better work plans.

  3. Communication in collective is inadequate and conflicts are rising. The worst thing that can happen at a workplace is employees arguing (or ignoring each other), shuffling their tasks, blaming each other for non-compliance and so on. A good boss need to be a good psychologist as well; and sometimes, everyone just has to erase the problems and misunderstandings and make the team more coherent.

  4. You need to revive the team, which shows some signs of burn-out. If you see that employees lost their interest in work, it´s time to come up with something new that can revive and encourage their interest. It is unpleasant especially in creative jobs, when employees start working mechanically and they stop coming with ideas or innovations. Everyday routine can kill. An interesting teambuilding activity brings fresh air and inspiration into whole collective.

  5. You want to reward people for their excellent job. You don´t have to have any special reasons, teambuilding is a modern activity and the company may just give it as a bonus for people – simply out of fun. This form of reward can raise the level of workplace environment and increase credit the leaders have in the eyes of their employees.