Do you want to thank your employees, motivate them and improve their interpersonal relationships? Yes? Then in that case Quastum is what you’re looking for. Here you can strengthen your work team like nowhere else. During the game you’ll get to know your colleagues from a different point of view and you’ll find out how they work together. You’ll have fun, exercise your thinking and be puzzled over different tasks. For an hour you’ll be locked up in a room where sometimes your life will be in danger. How will it work out? Who will be the leader? Who will panic and who on the other hand will calm their colleagues? Do you think that you can rely on your colleagues? Don’t hesitate and find out! Reserve your teambuilding in Questum right now!

We can arrange teambuilding for as much as 100 people in one day.

In case of interest we can provide you with refreshments during your teambuilding.

We deal with all company events individually and therefore don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll create an offer according to your requirements.

Apart from the above mentioned teambuilding you can reserve our place also for other occasions. Do you know anyone who’s celebrating, who’s just finished their studies or achieved something else? Is it you? Don’t hesitate and also order you own adventure, or simply give it as a gift to someone. With us you’ll be able to experience unforgettable birthday celebrations, unrepeatable experiences and lots of others. If you’re unsure if your achievement is worthy of a celebration with us, don’t hesitant to ask and we’ll be happy to help!