What does a good operator of an escape room must have

He must have an appealing story available. It doesn´t matter if it is inspired by adventures from books, movies, TV shows or games. An appealing story is interesting for players and has its logic. At the same time, it should relate to requisites and the room itself. A story with capital “S” salutes some popular character, book and so on.


 Suitable location. The place itself contributes to the atmosphere of the game. Interestingly, any old buildings, damaged or stained walls do not reduce the quality of the location this time. However, this doesn´t mean that escape rooms should be built on dumps – they must have a sparkle and must be modern equipped.


Know your players. There is a difference between escape room for family trips and escape room with horror story. It is also different when the players are beginners or experienced puzzle solvers. Ideally (as in our Questum) there are more escape rooms and wide offer, so anyone can find something amusing.


Flawless design of the room. The atmosphere must be felt from everything in the room. Everything must have its sense and must fit into the story. Requisites should be durable, because players sometimes try everything like dragging, pushing and so on. The furniture must be as if it were out of a particular movie. By the way, the technique should not be controlled from the reception and entrance and exit should be in a different place.


Balance the difficulty. The puzzles must express a challenge, drag the player into the story. They shouldn´t leave players frustrated and they shouldn’t be unsolvable. I a balanced escape room, players spend a similar amount of time on more problems. They shouldn´t be stuck in one place – even though veterans of this game know it is quite common. Operators in a game can help the players, but they can´t solve the puzzles themselves.