How to recognize a quality escape room

At the beginning, there always must be a promising idea. Later, it´s just not enough. There is a lot of escape rooms. Really good ones do stand out. A glance at the website or Facebook can tell you a little about the technical organization of the room, but you can check the quality of the room only with your own eyes.


Players must feel like a part of the story. If you, as a player, forget that it´s just a game and you furiously try to solve the story, you discover the charm of this phenomenon. The atmosphere is a fundamental building block.


You talk about the experience for a long time after the game. With your teammates as well as with people who haven´t played yet. You judge, reminisce, explain. And, of course, you plan a return or the next game.


The puzzles are funny, not just smart. Cleverly invented tasks will find balance between fun and intensity. Not only they have to be scientific and logical, they must be solvable by ordinary people. Their difficulty just must be fair.


Every player experiences its bright moment. Escape room where a passionate leader solves something and others are just looking at him is not very good. The cooperation of teammates must be a necessity, each person must feel needed.


Challenge and real “escapism“. Props and logical puzzles should serve one purpose – the experience. However, the players cannot get this totally free – they can watch the TV instead. Because of this, many escape rooms have defined time limit and put the gaming pressure on players.


The passion for the game is felt not only from players, but from the gamemasters as well. In this game, there is no space for sterile behaviour. Workers in a quality escape room take their work with professional passion; they are communicative, flexible, and they have a sense of humour.


Everything will make sense in the end. During the game, players should be diverted by many things, he has to get lost a little bit, so he can smile at the end and see that the puzzles fit together and the story ended cleverly.