Dear visitors and fans of escape room games - we are pleased to announce that our Questum entertainment center is open again!

From now, you can again to make online reservations or to contact us by phone or via messages on social networks. Starting today (May 20), the 4th phase of economic liberalization after the pandemic begins, and we hope that our entertainment center will be even more needed than before!

- In summer, all major events and festivals are canceled. It is also possible to assume a significant reduction in holidays abroad or by the sea, or a reduction in travel. And here comes the charm and advantage of our games! They are intimate - for 2 to 5 people at once, and you have them right in the center of Bratislava!

Of course, we must also  care about the health of ourselves and our dear visitors, and therefore we ask you to follow the instructions of the relevant authorities -  consider wearing face masks and keeping social distance. Please arrive at the exact  time of your booking - to avoid waiting. If you are ill or have a patient nearby, you can contact us at any time and change the time of your game.

We hope that everything will get cak to the old days and that we will be here again for you and for your entertainment.