Escape the hot weather by going to Questum

When the temperature on the thermometer isn’t stopping at 30 degrees Celsius and you don’t know which shade with a ventilator you should hide in, we have a great idea for a trip: escape game in Questum.


Our fun centre is the biggest of its kind in Bratislava and it’s hiding in a spacious underground in Ružinov. Even in the summer it’s comfortably cool in our cellar and you can concentrate entirely on the game and puzzles.


The summer is definitely not the time to be lazy at home and our escape room games are not like theatre holidays- we are open for the whole summer. And we welcome everybody- friend groups, families with children, company groups and birthday celebrants.


You can choose from 4 attractive games that we offer. Explore the message of the genius Nikola Tesla, solve the rough mystery in a socialistic flat, take part in an incident with a bomb in a laboratory or find yourself getting lost in the mysteries of the ancient Mayans.


All our escape rooms will offer you an adventure and tomb adrenaline. You won’t be taking a bath nor burning yourself for sure, but you can learn something about history, technical science... or about your friends.


If you can’t find the time for a game in the winter, you can find it now during the summer holidays- Questum belongs to one of the top tourist attractions in Bratislava. We are here for everybody who doesn’t know what do with their free or commenced time. Spend it with us, in a pleasurable shade and atmosphere that will send goosebumps down your spine.