Tip for a woman stag party: a game in Questum

Are you having a stag party? How do you plan to celebrate it? Typical sitting in a bar is past it! Sign the girls to a quest!

Stag party is the last „party with no limit“ in woman’s life. A free person has a right to be irresponsible and to enjoy their life. After the wedding, they grow up and rank among the others. That means that this last night has to be really rememberably funny... men and women compete in an incomparable last “free” party, collect memorial items and invent activities

We have prepared a game in an escape room for you: for an hour, we will lock you in a room full of puzzles and tasks… well, especially film atmosphere and story! It’s only up to you how you will deal with the logic of our quest, the game is full of adrenaline, needs a cooperation and a use of common sense. Someone will take a lead, another will start to panic and other friends in the meantime are trying various sticks, chains and moving items.

Why choose the escape room for a stag party?

1. It’s an original and a funny game that is not even expensive when divided between a group.
2. You can be a small group (2-4 people) or much bigger bunch -  at one time, up to 20 people in 4 different rooms can be playing. And our Quest is the biggest in Bratislava so be sure that everyone will get their time.
3. No intoxication or headache next morning, uncomplete memories and bad conscience. Fun for all type of people, not only those that like partying with a lot of alcohol.

You can book the game of this webpage or call us on a phone: +421 902 805 908