Seven reasons to visit Bratislava

Every European city has its atmosphere and Bratislava is not an exception. Central European history is in contrast with a country of the former communist bloc and a modern city. So why plan a visit to the Slovakian capital? We have seven reasons for you:


1. Low prices and affordable accommodation. Bratislava is quickly developing and is currently very well equipped and tourist friendly. You can find both expensive and luxury hotels and lots of cheap hostels. Food, beer or wine are uncommonly cheap for western tourists.

2. Common currency. Compared to the past, there are no exchange frauds anymore. The money possesses no problem – the country is a member of European Currency Union, you pay by Euro everywhere and throughout whole country there are ATMs and payment terminals.

3. Girls and women. Big Slovakian pride is hidden in the gentler part of population. It is said that Slovakian girls are so pretty because they only inherit the best of everyone. You have to see in on your own eyes.

4. Small town – everything is close. City with less than half a million inhabitants can be walked through with no problem. In the historical center, you can move without public transport and in one day tourists make an image about Bratislava where’s not many crowds and nobody is in rush.

5. Center of Europe. Other Central European metropoles are laughingly close. Vienna is just hour from there, Brno two hours, Budapest three… From the airport, you can get with the same ease to the Northern, Southern and Eastern Europe too. It’s simple – Slovakia is in the hearth of the continent.

6. Culture and history. Quick changes, contrasts, emerging art. That is the Bratislava mix which lies on a very old base. Bratislava is town that was resisting the Ottoman Empire, Napoleon was signing peace and where emperors were crossing Donau. Presence of big number of museums and historical places is a matter of course.

7. Questum. If you are a tourist looking for good fun, try our escape room game. Questum is the biggest entertainment center in Slovakia and we are open to tourists in several languages, we welcome people of all ages.