Five skills we exercise when playing escape games

One hour in an unusual environment, teambuilding and solving puzzles. Experienced players admit that playing the game Escape Room enhances their skills, apart from fun itself and the unique experience.


  1. Brain training. Readiness, logic. The main point of an escape game is to exercise the brain cells- of course, in a comfortable way. We’ll see how we manage stress under time pressure and how we are able to solve puzzles in a live setting.

  2. Ability to concentrate. Nobody will finish the game if they're not fully concentrated. It requires practise. Most of the time, you won’t pass onto the next task if you don’t finish the ones that come before it. You have to look for clues and suspicious things.

  3. Communication with your partners. Our favourite part. Especially if you are in a group where you don’t know each other that well- or you have never participated in a similar game before. In this quest you will find out, who is good, who is the natural leader or who panics. But you won’t get anywhere without cooperation, understanding and communication.

  4. Attention training. Before you solve a puzzle, you will have to find it. All the puzzles are within the room. You will have to look intensively, think, evaluate and examine the objects in the room. It's ideal training for people who lose their keys a lot :)

  5. A drop of creativity. Creative players think in various ways- and therefore successfuly solve the game. Creativity as well can be practiced- like almost everything in our equipment. Every escape room supports the creative thinking of each participant, starting just with its movie atmosphere and the arrangement of the game environment.