Can the mind be strengthened just like a muscle? Ofcourse yes

You need a lot of patience, experience of similar tasks, determination and will, logical and analytical thinking. But the reward for the suffering of our brain is rich - we are improving and we are getting new skills.


1. Riddles improve memory. The link between mental effort and the ability to remember better has been proven many times. This is true for people of all ages, but especially for forgetful seniors, mental exercises are great training.

2. Improved inventiveness. We can solve the riddle in many ways. Think about it analytically, or try to solve it with the trial-error method. One thing is certain - successful researchers are seen as very resourceful people.

3. Supporting Intelligence. Experienced neurochirurg might be able to explain your brain biochemistry and why its training has so many positive effects. Everyone knows, however, that we get our level of intelligence already in the dark when we are interested, playing and discovering.

4. Meditation. Room and relax, even give us riddles or different crosses, tasks or similar games. Turning off worries and concentrating on the minor problem is often like a mental shower. And relaxation is the basis of success in work and study.

5. Exercising attention and creativity. In solving riddles, we assume different mental and physical skills. Inconspicuously, slowly, not revolutionarily, but evolutionarily, we train them and move on.

6. The social dimension. If you do not solve the problem yourself - and often it is - you make your relationship with another person or group. The work and the success are always a great glue for any team.

7. Entertainment and rewards. The undisguised riddle of man can not sleep ... on the contrary, the humiliated and broken solution is a great encouragement and at the same time a reward for the effort.