Gift card for Questum: Give somebody an experience

Are experiences better presents then material gifts? Undoubtedly yes. A material gift wears out, becomes boring, the person puts it away. But a memory of an adventure will last for a whole lifetime.


Money can buy electronics, clothes and many other things. But we can’t buy happiness. It’s said, that money is best invested in something that we can keep forever. And we remember experiences and not material things. Do you remember the things you got three years ago? But you'll surely remember an extraordinary holiday and a lot of adventures from it.


In our Escape Room Questum shop we offer a gift card, an artistic and elegant looking card, but the important thing is the game itself. And the fact that you can share this gift with those closest to you. Visit us during any occasion, for example:


  • Birthday celebrations or name days

  • Children’s celebration- family excursions

  • Stag party for both genders and without alcohol

  • Whatever holiday, anniversary, during Valentine’s Day etc.

  • Reward for successfully completing studies or a school meeting

  • Reward for work accomplishments

Because it's experiences that make us who we are, not material things. Social games with relatives strengthen our relationships and make us sociable beings. Nobody really wants to be alone.


The game gives us a feeling that something is happening, it gets rid of boredom and makes us happy. Try our gift card.