10 types of escape room players

Well, what type are you?


The Analyst. Lover of puzzles and riddles, mathematician, analytical type. Exactly the type of player, that fits in every escape room game... well, if time wouldn’t be counted and their Sherlock deduction skills weren’t slowed down by the team.


Strongman. Sometimes , a player who has only one Genghis Khan solution comes to the room- the solution of raw power. Of course, the organisers always warn the players, that no unnatural power is required. Pointless, the strongman pulls, pushes and tries to break or bend everything.


Guard. The boss of the team. Self-elected or chosen democratically. He takes his task seriously and pushes his team to succeed no matter what. Sometimes he is the cause of a heated atmosphere.


Searcher. Exactly the type that bursts into the room and from the first second starts to scan, evaluate, explore, touch everything. A useful person even if sometimes he forgets to think about problems.


Racer. There are people that race everywhere. They have studied the escape rooms before, know the record time tables and race for the best time.


The desperate one. This type of player quickly looses faith and begins to panic. He forgets, that it’s all just a game and that he can infect this on his teammates.


The observer. There’s often a Mr. ,,Quiet”, who just stands in the corner of the room and observes everything. He might even know some puzzle answers, but he keeps them to himself. He likes it best, if no one notices him.


Sceptic. He might be like that outside of the game... basically a person, that doesn’t believe anybody or anything. He’s always looking for a cheat and thinks that somebody is constantly making fun out of him.


Locksmith. A born game solver, a natural talent, he who also in the real life has ,,the keys of his destiny”. He knows how to think well, understands the logic of the game, unlocks new puzzles and pushes his team.


Novice. An insecure person, who found himself... he doesn’t even know properly where. He would like to help, but he’s also afraid of ruining something.